Wednesday, September 16

an ... eff this moment

something is wrong within, something churns with emotions that cant be identified or named.

or maybe it is all the acidity of not having eaten breakfast.

Miss mom dearly, miss dad even more. Miss people from another lifetime, a forgotten era, a previous birth
and we hate ourselves for it - me and a million other people who reside in my head.

Curiosity kills the cat. curiosity leaves you aching for more, even if it is, about an entity you dont even know.
curiosity, is painful.


Canary said...

Just got back from a l-o-o-ong break and first thing? hop on to your bloggg :P
But why so serious? Your blog is the laugh riot of the week! Talk it out :)

hexgalaxy said...

hmm, well u already know somone u can talk to about this :D.........n about the curiosity thingy.....could'nt agree with you any more than i already do :D.

PS: Attempting to fulfill my promise to you :D. (Prayer: GOD GIVE ME PATIENCE :D)

JustSo said...

@canary - wish accepted, next one is promised to be a laugh riot. :)

@hexgalaxy - *hugs*

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