Friday, February 26

Koschen the stomach faces currently

Is there any way you can feel hungry and pukish at the same time,

Is there any possible means, that you are barely done eating, and your esophagus shows it the wrong way out, and while in the process you are hungry again?

Seems like, there is a point in life when this happens.

No wonder mothers have expectations on their children, Goddammit, every mother has a right to expect her kid to be a scientist at NASA or innovating Microsoft Part 2.


chinkurli said...

Umm, does that mean...? :-)

JustSo said...

@chinkuyrli - yep (crossed fingers). And, glad your back too :)

Naziya said...


GuNs said...

Does that mean you're pregnant? :) Just to complete the incomplete question at the top of the page!


P.S.: If the answer is yes, congratulations!!!

Bullshee said...

Wow! You get spammed a lot in comments!

P.s- CONGRATULATIONS! May your nights be sleepless and all your clothes visibly puked on!