Tuesday, March 30

some random stuff

Finally getting to read Shantaram. For some reason, I don’t really respect the book – no matter how well written it is. I mean, its written by a friggin convict. How the eff can it be respected? But I'm reading it nevertheless. One never lets go of a well written book.

The whole episode of Nithyananda leaves one nauseated. Not the sex part of it… definitely not that. The sleaze part of it. The fact that he proclaimed himself a “guru” – which, anyone with the remote knowledge of the Hindu shastras would declaim. No one can proclaim themselves a Guru. They are given that position after a long and stringent hurdle race. The fact that someone decided to have a sting operation and decided to equate it with “Hinduism”. What about the pedophile Fathers of the Holy Church – how is that not equated with “Christianity”? Not to denounce a particular religion, but, if want to call a spade, a spade, call it in all cases. Also, the part that made a consensual bedroom act, into a porn clip that was downloaded and watched on youtube, maybe a million times.

Watching emotional atyachar on UTV Bindaas these days. Was talking to mom, and we all agreed on how easy it has become these days to “fall in love”. During a particularly lazy afternoon, when mom and yours truly watched the beautiful “chaudavin ka chand”, one couldn’t help but wonder, the heroes of yesteryears had it so tough for themselves, they had to sing, praise the girl to the ends of the earth, pine and grieve for her every moment she did not occupy screen space, and finally when she got married to someone richer fatter and more villainous, they had to sing the “bidaai” song to send her off happily, and then waste themselves to death.
Men of today, just need a funky bike/ car, a couple tickets to the PVR Gold Class, a few expensive Archies gifts and lots of sleaze words – i.e. until, someone else comes along with a funkier car.
But as bro points out, the yesteryears did not involve money. For guys who are constantly broke (read bro), the yesteryears sound much better. Mom couldn’t stop lolling.

Currently enjoying a particularly slow day at office, after an interesting but stressful few weeks – watching CID. Sony TV must be renamed as CID TV. The amount of time they air the show! Like dad used to say “if only you had spent as much time studying” Lols

Pondering on several other things …


adarsh said...

Men of today, just need a funky bike/ car, a couple tickets to the PVR Gold Class, a few expensive Archies gifts and lots of sleaze words

Aren't the women of today at fault for this ? It all comes down to the simple theory of demand and supply. Unless there is demand, the supplies won't last.

waise, long time !
how have you been ? :)

JustSo said...

@ Adarsh - that is so true. you cant blame one hand for clapping and not blame the other. Both are equally in it.

btw, doing good - how have you been?

Kanupriya said...

the CID part is so true!
take care :)