Monday, May 24

of gruesome TV soaps and gruff gynecs

Team went out for a trip to Coorg this weekend.
Feeling all left out for not being able to go. Feeling guilty for feeling left out. Supposed to have all the "mottherly" feelings, and not supposed to feel bad about not doing stuff.
What's better? Feeling left out or feeling guilty?

Almost got hospitalised watching Anu Malik sing and dance at the sets of Indian Idol, that and Sunidhi's antics as he danced. A few more seconds of that clip and I would be in an asylum getting treated for permanent brain damage. Sunidhi reminded me of all the transgender stereotypes in B rated movies.

Had some friends over the other day, and the friend's wife insisted I watch a dance show on Zee. I had to give up my episode of Monk for her whatever those dance shows are called these days. All I watched was a couple of kids who (to me) were having spasms of epilepsy. The judges got up to applaud and call it the dance of the century and give them "wings". Instantenously reminding me of when I used to ask my chemist for Whisper.... (pause) "with wings".
I have no clue what makes the parents send kids to such shows ... and I used to think I had a hard time being a child, when my gran would not let me read Enid Blyton, and made me re-do my homework instead.

Went to the Gynec over the weekend. Im reminded of my school days when my school princi would stare down at me through her thick rimmed glasses, leaving me squirming and fidgeting and feeling sorry for my existence.
My gynec doesnt wear the thick rimmed glasses, but lying down next to the scan machine while she frowns and scowls as she checks if everything is alright in-uetro makes me feel like a gawky preteen all over again.
One of the reasons, why I depend on websites and random newsletters to tell me whats happening to my body, but when the body screams out in pains and aches in places that never existed earlier, there is only so much solace that a website can offer.
What is it about these "well known" or "capable" doctors that leave no room for some humane conversation?
I do understand that talking about vaginas and uteruses all day long probably doesnt do much for their foul mood... but hey! this is special to me, it happens to be probably the only time I will go through this in my lifetime, and if I do happen to want to know more than just a gruff "everything is fine, the EDD stays, next appointment is 3 weeks later", I cannot be blamed. It is my body and body thats taking shape inside of me that we are talking about. I am paying you for your expertise, experience and TIME! If I have a nagging pain somewhere, it might be a "normal pregnancy mild discomfort" or a "ah - just some braxton hicks contractions" to you but it is PAIN to me ... hullo! my bloated stomach aches. Dont tell me what you call it, tell me how you can relieve me of it!

more later. cheers for now.