Thursday, October 21

insert title here (or) things to know when u have a baby

While everyone writes about the vacations they had, or the miserable days at work or heartbreak, all I can think of writing now, is how sleepy I am, post partum.

Things you must know if you want to have a baby.

1. Babies Cry. When they are hugry, when they are uncomfortable, when they are sleepy, when they are awake, Babies Cry. Always.

2. Babies need to be fed. Once in 2 hours, doesnt matter whether you are awake or asleep. they need to be fed, and if they are not, they cry. BABIES CRY

3. Babies cannot flush. One must change diapers, once in everyn 15 mins, if one is lucky, else once every 10 mins. Else, BABIES CRY

4. Babies decide that crying, feeding and pooing are the most interesting things to do, and decide to do it in an unending loop which lasts 15 mins. So its a constant cry, feed, poo, cry, feed poo cycle, like a circular reference or a GOTO or an endless if then else loop.

And, did I tell you? Babies cry. Omygosh, they cry.

And, finally, the last and the most important thing to know when you are having a baby ....
somewhere in that endless loop, and that psuedo crying and feeding and pooing, you get a gurgle and a smile for your exhausting efforts. And its all worth it.
that is what you need to know when you are having a baby.

PS - if there are any readers out there, I plan to begin a mommy blog in a few days, waddaya think? good idea?


Anonymous said...

a very good idea! but please do tell me again that it's all worth it.

Banvri said...

nice experience

thumbs up for mommy's blog :P

Divesh said...

Fantastic idea! I am already following a couple of those and it is a lot of fun :)

Nasia said...

Please start a mommy blog
Though u ended it with its worth it, scared me thoroughly

Sucharita said...

Nice post!liked it so much:)

JustSo said...

@anon - yes it def is worth it.. its scary, but it is worth it

@banvri - thanks!

@Divesh - i see u are following mine as well.. hope this is fun too

@ Nasia - blog begun ... dont worry, scary things happen, and they turn to be for the best

@sucharita - thanks and welcome to the blog