Thursday, October 14

Out of Hibernation


Date: October 14th 2008
Place: Who knows?
Time: Who Cares?

Date: October 14th 2010
Place: Next to the baby
Time: Feeding time/ Nappy time/ Sleepy time (all in a 15 min loop).

No. No Jokes. Too exhausted for that. Head to FB for pics.


Divesh said...

:)... congratulations

WSW said...

except that you have not friended me there :(

arpz said...

@divesh- thnks, hope u were able 2 see the pics
@wsw - pls to be sending req to arpz genius on fb, thou shall immediately be added

Nasia said...

congratulations ArpZ!!!
So sweet!

JustSo said...

@Nasia - Thanks! :)