Wednesday, February 9

Rant Reversed :P

So, post all that ranting that happened in this space, and having scared away all the unmarried and single females, and evoking similar angry sentiments from all the married class, and as my mom says "always take just 10% of what a saas (MIL) tells of a bahu (DIL) or vice versa" having let enough steam out, it was decided that ranting alone will not help. People need to understand how difficult it is to clean up. Hence the hubby, (who Divesh was very kind enough to point out - I love the hubby) was enlisted to the ranks of the cleaning staff (which until then was a team of one - poor ole' moi). He worked for all of 3 hours, trying to clean out the grime stuck to the chimney grills and the fungus in the refridgerator and ended up with a variety of muscle aches and a foul mood.
Now, who's laughing ? A-ha A-ha (A la Monica)

Mwahahahahahahaha (A la Kroor Singh)

Bwahahahahaha ... snigger, sniff, gasp, Roll on the floor clutch stomach and Bwahahahahahaha (this is sheerly a unique style of yours truly)

A variety of "will not let this happen again" promises to self were made by the loving (as Divesh reminds me) hubby as he nursed his bruised ego and muscles.


guess, its the end of rants for a while now.

- have hired a nanny who is good (touch wood) - dont put your evil eye/ kannu/ nazar and what not on my nanny. I deserve her. I do.

- have taken back my job from the guy who was doing it while I was busy birthing, nursing my baby and cleaning my home

- have finally got back my clean home not a thing out of place if I dont want it to be - hehehehe!

- have bought new Sony H55 and the Canon A430 now is relinquished to the brother

- have gifted self new external hard disk (500 GB) which my bro likes to call it my "second apartment"

pics to be up soon on picasa - email if you want a link.



ex-chinkurli said...




you should take advantage of the fact that you're indisposed right now (just given birth and all that ;-) ) and make the muscleman put in all the sweat. Also, does he read the blog? :D Just asking :p

Arpz said...

@Ex-Chinks - yep! only the low IQ moi got this idea only after the house was almost clean :( The muscle man manages to read the blog once in a while, but majorly considers blogs and social networks to be a waste of time .. (thank god for that ;-) ) so stops reading post a couple of sentences - hehehe!

ex-chinkurli said...

next time, contact me. I can give kantri advice very well ;-)

Chinkurla's Mom said...

kantri advice?? oooh that is my speciality! ;)
Arpz,u r spoilt for choice :P :P

Arpz said...

@Ex Chinks - sure sure! would love to get such advice i say!

@chinkurla's mom - who is this? is this the Ash Bee?

Chinkurla's Mom said...

yes yes that would be me! :P

Arpz said...

aah, now I get the chinkurla part of it!! :D how's my chinkurla?

and when I have chinks and chinkurla's progenator, the only people who will have rants other peepal, we will do all the kantris and the other peepal shall pay!