Monday, September 19

all about baggage.

She had to choose. What would it be? At crossroads stood, and she already had a lot of baggage with her. Did she want another one? Unfortunately, whether she wanted it or not, she would end up with more. It was just a matter of deciding which would be more bearable, which would be less tears and blood, which baggage would be dearer?
At the end she chose. As should all of us.

Gucci it would be.

well. lots. but for now. enough. :-)


Kanupriya said...

Gucci? :-o you bought? :-o

JustSo said...

no no no. fiction.
could not find anything else to write (sheepish grin).

faust said...

hey. came back to your blog after a long time. good to see that your humour is still intact.