Tuesday, September 13

a moment

Have been more than depressed lately; not many things are wrong, but each tiny thing matters.

the daughter is with my mom for the week. while her house resounds with laughter every time I call, my own house seems to have grown to 3 times its size, and silences boom in the empty spaces of the hollow that was once a home.
It is just the two of us now. Incomplete and lost. once a family, but now without her, incomplete. I think and i wonder how was life before her? Was it life before her?

She comes back on the weekend though, never have waited for anything more ardently. never have wanted anything more passionately.

randomly clicked on a link that spoke of love and well, such things. Suddenly glad that the husband cant write. CANT WRITE. even to save his life. except maybe, Agreements and Legal documents. but that isnt writing.
For if he wrote, he would put in words a moment that we shared and it would no longer be a moment. it would be ... well, a random mass of words that was laid bare for everyone to read.
The moment, the look, the magic, the sorrow, the happiness - everything. Our love. would then be laid bare. It would no longer belong to us. it would then be assimilated by everyone who read it.

There is this ad. "platinum day of love". love does not need platinum. but yes. love needs that one moment. love needs me. it needs him.

Why is it, that it never ends?
This one moment of life.

In the cacophony of the world,
Why is it that this silence never ends
This one moment of silent life.

In the tangle of time,
Why is it that this moment never ends?
This one moment of 'alive' life.

life is but, a couple of flicks,
of your hair thrown back
but the moment lives on forever.


Kanupriya said...

1. Beautiful post!
2. The post linked from your blog - well I don't think it's a random mass of words. It's one of the rare straight-from-the-heart senti blog-posts written by men, and needs to be protected and nurtured like a near-extinction species. :P
3. Why is Medha away for a week? :-o Is she big enough already? :-o
4. I'm glad you're enjoying it all :)

JustSo said...

@Kanu -
1. Thankuuu
2. Yep. I agree. but it just becomes a mass of words to all the others who read it. (btw - i'll get the wife of the man who wrote it to read your comment :))
3. Medha has always loved her granny more than she has loved me booohoooo, she goes there and totally forgets all about me or the husband.
4. Im so not enjoying anything. I hate the house without my Medsy.

Kanupriya said...

I meant that it's good that u're enjoying your married life and motherhood. Said that 'cause it's rare to see a happy post by you ;)

JustSo said...

lols. hmm - I think happiness is more transient than sorrow. no matter how much of happiness you have, you always want more, and you want it to last longer.
Sorrow - even ratti bhar, and you will feel like it is huge and heavy and it lingers around forever.
You always under appreciate happiness and over - react to sorrow.
maybe thats why morose posts are more :)