Tuesday, October 18


while most people move on. some people get stuck there. in that moment. in that emotion.
they would give anything to retain that. anything to maintain that sense of status quo.

Psychiatrists would tell you that these are your typical victims. People who move from one abusive relationship to another, people who stay in an abusive relationship despite it being abusive, people who would gladly make themselves a carpet for others to walk all over on. People who stalk their exes on various sites, people who kill themselves because one relationship went bad

But you know what? a little bit of them lives in all of us.

and then, there lives the opposite, who hurt because it gets them off. who walk all over that carpet, because they can, or maybe because they are a carpet for someone else to walk all over, who like abusing their relationships, because they know they will be clung on to. and it doesnt have to be physical. emotional abuse is abuse enough - and it helps get off much more. very much more.

we have the ying and the yang in us.

Me? I have more ying than yang. more yang than ying. more this than that, and sometimes, nothing at all.
For now. I am stalking some random person on a networking site. not that the person meant anything at all, just that this person stopped blogging. and I want to know why. I used to enjoy this person's blog you know?

So I sign off.
Yours stalkerly,
Online Stalker. :P


Kanupriya said...

you're crazy :P

Phoenix said...

Write an email and ASK. Dont be silly. Dont turn yourself into a twisted something.
Also, stop philiosophising so much. Poor little kid is going to learn all this from you!

JustSo said...

@Kanu - yep. insane, thats what i am.

@Phoenix - dont know email id. am not friend on FB. just random. but tell you what - stalking is fun when you are doing it for fun. hehehe!

Nasia said...

so extremely beautifully.. written.. wowowow

Anonymous said...

okay, so just got to your blog via IHM's. And it feels like I'm talking to myself reading you!
And no you're not crazy.
I stalk all the time.
Big Bang Theory, Shield (**&$'ers took it off air just when Shane was about to blow his brains out), Dexter--- some of my favs on tele. However, for delicious sadistic bitching to myself and the world around- nothing like an episode of any of the Hindi soaps- even the Mona Singh one in which the 'other woman' is the only one villified.

Okay, so now I have to go prove I'm not a robot- yet again.

JustSo said...

@anon - OMG, so much adulation!! I can hardly contain myself :) keep reading and thanks tons :) BTW - do leave a link so that I can look like im working hard to get a raise, while I read your blog :D