Monday, March 21

Badminton in Content Quality Assurance !

A beautiful trophy now adorns the CQA table top in Bangalore. A racquet accompanies it, leaving little place for the flowers and the bouquet that compete for the remaining place.

A hot sunny weekend afternoon on the 20th of March which seemed tailor-made for lazing and sunbathing turned into a trail blazer of an event. The day couldn’t get hotter and Smitha couldn’t get any sharper with her talent. Struggling through the first 2 sets she found her rhythm against a worthy opponent in the next two rounds of the game. She stormed through all the rounds leaving her contenders gasping for breath and her fans asking for more!

She beat her opponent from Infosys to bag the Ventures Shuttlemania, Inter Corporate Shuttle Badminton Tournament thrice in a row. A hat trick we all were thrilled to see ! The table in the CQA team is now a feast for all the pairs of eyes passing by and pride for the team that owns it.

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arpana said...

err ... Tenali , the only charecters I get to mind are the great court jester and ofcourse the goofy cartoon version ! :-)