Wednesday, March 16

Musings of a comical Misery !

yeah .. ok rite .... just felt the urge to write again .....

Music did not help ! Nopes it didnt cos I have a verrrrrrrrrrrrry bad ear ache and cant afford to put on the ear phones now , I just had to turn my head and find the next best option .

What with all the free net usage you get to have at office ...[ yeah rite , go ahead and crib about unprofessionalism ... but u know what ; if u are reading this at office , symapthies from one unprofessional to another , I know , u are either bored to death or you have been hanging around in office for 13 hours now with endless stream of unending work and one tiny portion of the brain wondering "Is there life beyond my cubicle" ... and if u are at home , stupid , feel morose for becoming into a geek and not realising that there IS life beyond the square feet area of the computer ... If you are at the cybercafe ... u are wasting pop's hard earned money ... if it is urs, then u arent working enough ... so jobless to go to a cyber cafe ????]

so I see I have been rambling again , straying away from the point , or rather going too deep into a point which actually makes the talker , the listener ( should it be the typer and the watcher ??) divert hugely from the point ! O watever !

What with a couple of mistakes I commited in the all important very point of my professional existence the one and only the Greatest "Metrics Master" , isnt the name of any King or a ring master at circus , it is an excel file .

Yup not just any excel file mind you ..... it contains important and vital info ....... and poor arpz happened to mess it up and decided to kiss life good bye ! ooops ! forgot to format the damn thingy and what had to appear as 723 comes out as 72300% hell ! imagine the dramatic changes to the trend line , the graphical analysis , the business status ...................................................wowwwwwwwwwwwwww .... the graph took a steep upward turn towards Mt Everst , and My best guess is that my manager's BP took the same direction ( well , would have given anything to see dat) ... sadly though , he is very strategically positioned half an earth away (whhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeewwwww) ok ok so I made up the phrase nothing wrong with that u c , It happens to be my blog !

He sends me a very inquisitive mail about the change in the data and my BP takes the same turn ... and I end up at office a couple of hours extra .... taking the normal 13 hrs a day into account , me here for atleast 15 hours ... :((
and now am in the agitatingly frustrating period of waiting for the reply of a mail sent in reply to the very inquisitive , subtley worded , strongly meant mail !

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