Monday, March 7

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Has life come to a standstill?
Have I lost the want to live?
Have the lost the will?

I still smile ,
I always will,
My lips open wide....
From each to the other side,
In a broad grin that is ,
what is it though that the mirror tells me?
that no one , no , not even me can see
it says , nothing , nothing but
my eyes it says , have crinkled in pain.

Life is fine,full of silken clothes and
O so costly wine.
It has though, taken a turn..
walked a furlong
or , I look back.. and think has it been a lifetime?
Seems like a lifetime...
feels like a minute though...

Just here , just now just a minute ago,
or was it eons ago?
Did I hear your voice?
Is that you .. lying low and
lurking in the shadow?

I turn around , I look back,
Cant walk back though ...
Are you there?
Still behind the door
Trying to catch me unawares
trying to take me along with you
to new hieghts .. to explore and to soar?

Was that your voice ... was it me that you called?
It is the rustle of the leaves
It is the memory.... fading away water through the sieves.
or is it ? Yes it is , it is the riddle of past being solved.

Then again , as I turn,
I see myself in the mirror,
Are those your hands caressing my face?
In the light I see, it is just the mole on my cheek.
Is it the dent caused by you lips ...
but it is , it is just the dimple when I speak.

I walk down the untrodden present ...
there I see you again ,
in the light of the moon crescent.
I see her in your arms ..
I see her lips on yours.
I give a silent whisper to her..
Kiss him tight , hold him close ,
Do everything and try not to lose
I say this , I say it again...I know how it is
to smile , but yet feel the anguish
To hear the heart say over and over again..
"O how I wish, How I wish
I had the seat next to you,
on your chariot of gold"
and I also do know to listen
to the pained mind saying
"Beggar woman, your place is but
on the stone floor , lonely and cold"


Aakash said...


arpana said...

Thanks Aakash !
just leave more criticsm next time .... im just trying to beat Keats in being morose ! [Kidding dude]

Sourav said...

i'd say amazing.....thats really good....u shudnt be a lawyer....u shud be an author..believe me...even if noone purchased those books..i'd get them for sure...;-D

arpana said...

Thanks Saurav ! good complimet , but Im not a lawyer , I happen to be a Quality Specialist

Nikhil said...

Quantity looks good(Am a quantity specialist!)

Quality u decide!

PJs apart,nice poem

esp. the last two lines give a whole new 'dimension' to the poem...

another 'good poet'(u said so!!)

Me... said...

Sorry for barging in but that was an amazingly deep poem you wrote out there. I read it maybe half a dozen times and it's def. awesome.

take care,

arpana said...

Thanks Vinay ... Flattered ! :D