Monday, March 7

Coming To Terms

Watch out sister ,
It is a diamond that Ive given you,
But then....
Nay, It is but just a rock.
Ive held it long ,
Nay , though , never held it dear
Never held it near...

I am so beautiful,
I need diamonds , not just a rock,
I am a princess ,
I want a prince , not a beggar whom people mock.

I have given it to you sister ,
Hold it sister , hold it close.
See the sunshine ?
'tis all mine .... take it sister,
Its given me too many a blister.

The beggar , the rock ,
The prince the diamond ....
is it me that I mock ?
is it me that I seek?
is the rock? is it the prince?
is it the jewel? is it the beggar...
I think and I stagger
along this mind's terrain.

He is grumpy when he's hungry ,
He is handsome when he is angry.
Kiss him and close he'll hold you,
Hold him and he'll kiss you.

Ask him a rose , he'll give you a garden,
Ask him a drop , he'll give you the ocean.
Ask him for a grin , he'll give you a smile,
He'll give you the world , just ask him for a mile.

Watch out sister, hold him close,
I still await my prince...
Who will come with all the stars and the moon ,
To spread them here , on me ....
he'll get them for me to see ...

Watch out sister,
You have but picked up the rock
I have thrown...
You have but picked up the jewel
I have disowned...
You are blind to take it , a worthless stone,
I have been blind to throw it ,
a treasure unknown.
watch out sister,
All you have is a rock
Whom the world does mock,
But then, Nay sister, it is , but it is a diamond,
Hold him sister, hold him close.

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Phoenix said...

Good hai, but tough hai:D