Monday, April 11


How I wish I could say,
I dont miss you,
How I wish I could say
I dont love you too!
How I wish I could say
I dont know you
How I wish I could say
I dont need you too !
But you are the love of my life

But , you are the breath of my life,
But you are the need of the soul,
But you are the want of the body !
How I wish I could say
I dont recognize you,
How I wish I could say
I hate you too !
But, Every inch of my body says
I recognise you
It say I know you,
It says I know your touch,
It says I know the feel
of your lips..... on mine
It says I know you face so serene.
My soul cries for you ,
My body aches for you
My eyes search for you
and ....
My ears,
They strain to hear your sweet voice.
You are but , nothing but me
My love , my life , my soul and my body
How can I ever deny your existence?
How can I deny the love ?
How can I deny that sweet experience?
How can I deny the lienence
that I gave you !
How can I forget the words ...
Which whispered " I love you too"
How I wish I never met you
But then again , I think ,
What would my life be ?
What would these eyes see
without you ?
What use of this body?
What existence of this soul
Without you?
My eyes shed tears ,
My heart fears,
My body knows
that in the race
of life , you have found
your solace ...
It is not me , it is her
she whom I can see in your arms,
She who walks down those very farms
where we walked once ... hand in hand.
All I do is to wipe these tears that in my eyes glisten..
Like 2 diamonds in an abandoned coal mine...
yes , diamonds they are ...
once priceless , now valueless.

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arpana said...

Mr Anonymous,

Have you heard of "Sweet Pain" ? People in love often talk about it .....