Wednesday, August 23

This is for Indu

Try and cipher , which song this is ....

my calm "walm" is all thrown out
heartless remove your eyes
getting destroyed are your own countrymen (why am I reminded of Lebanon here?)

my streching of bones should not break
you please come

soot filled , soot filled are my black black eyes
my eyes , my eyes my eyes are twin sisters
your eyes your eyes , they sting me your eyes ...

And this song ... the credit of this one is shared by Indu as well ....

dad , your sweet your slap
how sweet is your dad

rotfl ...

figure this one out as well ... ( PS its a gult song , so rest of the junta , just look prexpeled)


Anupam said...

I m reacted!! wat about you?

Shekhar said...

You should do more of this, it was fun trying to guess it..

Shekhar said...

He he he...gotcha !! Kajra re... !!!!!!!!! Yeah !!!!!!!!! :D

It was the 'soot filled, soot filed' that did it..