Tuesday, September 19


I have never been someone who has been vocal in his love and affection , that is , until now , all that changed with her. The minute she entered my life , I was a different man.
The feeling of holding her in my arms was past compare...

It felt like heaven to me to be actually holding her in my arms , she was crying , I tried to soothe her and she rewarded me a tiny smile in between her tears , I bent down to kiss her , my moustache seemed to have tickled her , she held my mush with her hands and tugged at it ... waves of happiness coursed down my spine.

for how long I held her , I know not , she was drowsy already , I held her , coaxing her to sleep on my shoulder , I wanted her to be this close to me every moment of my life , I wondered how I'd spent my life without her for so long , then , I knew , I had dreamt of her all along , and that dream had carried me until this moment.

When her mother came along ,I literally despised the intrusion between us , very reluctantly , I had to hand my little angel over to her mother. My wife saw the expression on my face and smiled knowingly , as I handed my baby over to her , involuntarily the words escaped my lips .. " how long will it be before she calls me father? "
My wife smiled at me ... she could wait , I could not . I bent down to my sleeping daughter , and shared my secret with her , " you mom might have had you for 9 months , Ive had you with me forever , you are my dream , you are me"

its been six months as per the lunar calender that dad's no longer with me , He would always tell me how he loved to watch me sleeping , even when I was 22 , he would yet stand at the bedside and watch me sleep, I was his world , and he mine.
This post is just another unfading memory I have of him telling me , how much he loved me.


Anonymous said...

There....you did it again. Such a wonderful post..but again, people just won't be able to sum up the emotions that you stir in them. [Continues to pray quietly]

arpana said...

@ shekhar .. im speechless too :)

@ Taru - thanks !

komal & naveen said...

so am i (speechless)