Tuesday, May 29

The Day's Journey

Had nothing to write ... Putting up an old write up here again :)

As the sun climbed up the skies and I could not not shut him off , by a hand over my eyes ... I woke up, I was on his terrace .. a night well spent , a mattress on the ground, the empty champagne bottle, a radio and silken sheets were the only traces of him , and oh his shirt that I wore now .. smiled on to myself and lazily plopped back thinking of him and the magical night we spent ,

White silken sheets drenched with the morning dew and the sweat of our lovemaking emanated a smell that no eau-de-perfume could surpass. I tried to turn the radio on , but a cackle and a hiss and some static told me that we'd used up the batteries listening to songs from Mausam and Julie and Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

The champagne bottle telling me of the ecstasy with which we celebrated our love , everything glowed and radiated in the glow of the morning sun , everything was warm and cosy , I snuggled back into the covers feeling just a little chilly on my legs deciding to lazily doze until it was night again .....

His shirt was too big for me , i could have almost worn nothing as well , but it felt of him , and hugged me the way he did , i pulled it closer against me , the way he'd drawn me closer in the night , it came closer with a sigh , an almost repeat performance of the night ,

It began raining , suddenly , out of the blue , and the mattress , the bottle , the radio , the sheets ,everything got wet , i got wet ... i didn't budge i did not want to , it was as though stubbornly i was waiting for this storm to pass , throwing away everything I had to the baying howling winds, wet and cold , chilly to freezing , the weather turned , i did not move , i wasn't ready to move , i loved him and i continued to love him.

I don't know when , but I'd fallen asleep in the rough weather , curled up to a fetal position , the once white sheets now gray with the dust and grime , the once empty bottle filled with rain water , his shirt wet with the rain and my tears , the radio conked because the winds had tossed it around , the mattress soggy and lumpy , for how long i slept there , i knew not , i expected a blizzard next , heavy snow which would freeze me to death
I opened my eyes expecting another storm , but saw him bending over me , shielding me from the droplets , waking me gently ,i woke up to him and his arms ... new batteries he said , another champagne bottle , another promise , a new leaf on the tree stripped bare in Autumn , a shine of love in the raindrop on the leaf...

He drew me closer and i moved into his arms with a sigh ...


Zee said...

wow is this for real???

Lalit Singh said...

Almost dream like... Well written

Di said...

jab pehle likha tha tab pada tha maine..and i actually remember it! :D

Anonymous said...

so, you and your J did this together? and you call it fiction, same as you refuse to acknowledge who J is ( comments section last post) and you think your replies to the Anon there were wise-ass?

PS- This is not the same person (since you seem to have difficulty in knowing the difference)

JustSo said...

@ zee ... nopes babes - hope to make it true someday though :D

@Lalit - *smiles*

@ Di - you remember it??? :O sahi ! Im flattered !!! Thank ye fair maiden for thy kindness, thou art kind.

@ anon - I choose not to answer you.