Tuesday, May 22

How many

Has the fire of love ever burnt you?
Has it ever burnt within you?

Hey Krsna
Into how many pieces does a heart break?
Answer your Radha; dear Krsna
In how many tear drops will an eyelid soak?

Has the ocean of longing ever drowned you?
Has it ever washed the shores of your heart?

O Krsna
How many poems does it take to erase the disgust?
My Lord, answer your consort
How many years of penace for love is a must?

Has the lack of reason ever taken hold of you?
Has reason ever prevailed in you?

O Krsna
How many broken promises will it take to see the truth?
Your devotee asks you ; answer your Meera
How many lonely nights must be spent before losing faith?

How many more?
Just how many?


Ranny said...

pick up that goddamn fone! and .. stop asking questions to an entity who may not exist - ask yourself.

Lalit Singh said...

Ranny is correct
The answer lies within each one of us for our questions.

arpana said...

@ Ranny - sorry macha! was in a meeting :( ... I think though I more than made up for it eh? :)

@ Lalit - kyon Ran ko channe ke jhad pe chada rahe ho?

[to both of you] - yaar ; this is poem . Dont read too much into it :)

Ranny said...

i love lalit. high 5 buddy!

The Fallen Poet said...

good one...nice pen...so many questions...and no response...good write...