Monday, June 7

something to doodle about.

Inspired a little bit from here and a little bit from that thing we call life.

a little offkey, but bear with it.

What wrought the distance? who was wrong? what went wrong? all that were left were questions. I think, after a relation ship ends, all that remains are questions. Questions that have answers, questions that do not need answers, and questions that cannot have questions. unasked questions and unintended questions.
They both ended up with that legacy of questions.

I seemed like a simple everyday fight. Something that they would sulk about, and then, one of them would feign a minor illness, a random cough or an exxagerrated limp, and then all would be fine again.

This began as a small insignificant detail in the huge canvas of thier life; but then, details make the picture, in the details lies the devil.
It took a innoucous piece of message to pull them apart.

A small message that reached as they lay in each other's arms, whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears... the stars struggled to twinkle what with all the cloudy weather those days, and the moon was barely visible... that was okay by them, the muted light lit up their passion for each other well enough. And then there it was. A jarring note, a mobile was picked up and a message was read.
One turned to the partner and mumbled "spam". the passion was lost, the whisper ceased and the clouds opened up to rain.

Was it the lie, was it the presumed infidelity? It was never known.

Today they stand facing each other, as each fights over the custody of their children. The children ripped apart by a message, the children who should now decide if the moustached father who tickles them as he kisses them is better than the smothering mother whose plump arms shield them from the world's bullies.

The person sending the message sat in the audience watching and not knowing it was the message that caused it. Not the lie, not the presumed infidelity, not the pain of being lied to, not the guilt of lying when there was no need to, not the righteous anger or the justifying whine, not the accusation or the counter accusation. It was just a message. A few words and a broken relationship.

How does that sound?


Phoenix said...

Having lent useful inspiration, I have to say the morbidity and pessimism surprises even me. How super fragile can relationships me.
Cell phones should be banned.
And insane marriages should be banned anyway. Poor kid (yours and the one in the story).

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Mehak said...

well-written... and it's sad..

JustSo said...

@phoenix - my kid will grow up wearing gray trousers always ;-)

@mehak - thanks! I'll try and write something humorous next :)

Anurag said...

sounds very good....
but i get confused with too many long sentences.... :)

JustSo said...

@anurag, woh bolte hain na, if you cant convince, confuse.