Friday, June 25

this is titled - "The pregnancy diaries"

Or "the one in which we humiliate ourselves for a whole 9 months"

you know you are pregnant when

- you give up wearing M sized clothes shaped like mini tents to wear XXXL sized clothes which essentially shapeless tents

- you begin wearing shoes 2 sizes bigger, with baby straps (floaters, essentially), because "Just in case, the feet swell"

- you take 3 mins to bend down and double the time to come back up, because you are carrying a good 5 kgs around your belly.

- you begin to walk like a pengiun, or maybe a dolphin, if it could

- you eat 5 Star dipped in Milkmaid, and just a few months ago, you wouldnt be caught dead with as much as an extra tea spoon of sugar

- you eat at early morning, and then early-mid morning, mid morning, late-mid-morning, early noon, noon, ,late noon, early evening, and then some more, and well, you get the point, and still manage to say "Im hungry"

- you are encouraged to put on weight. (though i must agree, I love this part)

- you arent allowed to play TT or go out with the team for a trek, or eat all the stuff you wanna eat, or down that singapore sling

but you know you are working when

- despite morning sickeness, and dizziness and hunger and mood swings - you take a day off and end up emailing the team about pending stuff.




Chinkurli said...

you've been tagged :-)

Chinkurli said...

you've been tagged :-)