Monday, July 19

Where We vent against everything in general

and, do a tag in the process too.

The cousin tagged us to do a sins against gender steretypes tag. So, here we go -

1) I hate dupattas.
I know - they are supposed to hide "shame" (laaj bachana translated there for you) and such highly moral things, but I dont mind showing my boobs to the world under a salwar kameez. I hardly wear any other garment - my overflowing reserves of fat do not allow me to wear anything other than a salwar or a tent - but we digress. I feel the damn flimsy garment has no particular job/ task at hand, except to feel getting caught under the wheels of your office chair, falling off into that bucket of water that is kept under the water cooler, getting stuck at someone's laptop/ desk, or just plain irritate.

2) I know all of maybe 10 colours, thanks to that arts & crafts teacher who taught primary and secondary colors.
I cannot understand magenta and fuschia and leaf green and bottle green and wat not. My aunts discussed my "onion pink" wedding saree, and I hate to wear the damn expensive thing till date, because somehow, I think of that saree and my brain simulates the smell of onions. Blech!

3) I cannot stand kids.
I see women/ girls go "awwww chooo chweeettt" or "cutu babyyyeee" and I go - please dont get that thing near me. I hate it Hate it HATE IT when they bloody damn cry. I feel like pressing the mute button (if only they came with that). I know, im gonna be a mom in like a month, and I dont know how im gonna manage. I already have this pact with mom, that she takes care of the baby, given that I stay out of her hair.

4) I drool over cars.
And I can recognize car makes by the way their front grill is built, or their tail lights are built - each brancd/ company has this signature you see, and if you know cars, it is very easy to spot them.

5) I hate jewellery, cannot differentiate between textures of material and I hate people who have nothing to discuss stuff other than this.

6) I use, understand and enjoy words that women usually cringe from. i would not mind calling a guy a BC/ MC or even a chutiya. I understand and use KLPD and GMD very often in my dialogue. The F word figures in every second statement. Does it make me less of a bharatiya naari?

7)I dont mind watching "Mr Mehta and Mrs Singh" at the theatre, though the story and the film was flimsy, and could have been better

8) I dont think facial hair needs to be get rid off. I rarely do get rid of it. who decided a woman has to go through all the effin shit of getting pinched (thats what it feels when you get ur eyebrows plucked); or getting bitten by a thousand ants all at the same time (try waxing) is the only way someone can look beautiful?

9) I dont understand make up. I dont understand why the eye needs to be painted many times over with the same colored products. or why the lips have to undergo all those coats of several products to come up with that "perfect pout" - I would rather chew a paan, instant color and happiness ;-)

10)I dont mind scratching when it itches. Agreed it shouldnt - hygiene and all. but what happens, when a mosquito has bitten you, and you have a red welt, just near ur calf? I scratch. my happiness is more important to me, that someone's sense of propriety.

That done. More venting to happen. In some time.

(* - if you are still wondering, how an owl fits in, translate from rashtriya bhasha :P)


Mehak said...

super! i second every one of those statements, except i'm not too good at identifying cars though i do love BMWs :D

Anonymous said...

That's being yourself :) And a very independent yourself. Dupattas are only symbolic - to make sure a woman knows how precious her honor is. Dupattas are known to cause two wheeler accidents too.

LOL you don't know what is onion pink and you drool over cars? That's blasphemy against Gender Stereotypes!!

You are invited to join other sinners at SAGS on facebook, or you may like to leave a link to your confessions (this post) for other sinners to read :P

Arpz said...

@Mehak - I guess most women are the same, they just shy away from it ...

@IHM - have been reading your blog for quite sometime now, I do like it a lot ... and yes, I used to be a boy until I got pregnant. Sigh!